Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers

Shower Steamers

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So, you say your not a bath bomb girl because you don't take baths? No problem! We are bringing the spa experience to your shower with these fabulous shower steamers! 

Cotton Candy
Release your inner child with our Cotton Candy Shower Steamer! Let this sweet formula whisk you back to your early memories of the town carnival all from the comfort of your home. Great for a fun shower experience or when you don’t have time to run a bath.

Wake Me Up
Boost your morning with the Wake Me Up Shower Steamer! This fabulous fragrance contains the scent of forest fresh green leaves, lemon zest, and well rounded fruity notes of peaches, apples, and pineapples. Let this fresh fragrance energize your day! 

Sinus Relief
Let our Sinus Relief Shower Steamer clear out uncomfortable congestion. The aromatherapy of eucalyptus essential oil, menthol crystals derived from peppermint oil and minty scent is the key to your relief. Great for showers or with a bowl of warm water next to you to get the full benefit without having to bathe.

Sleepy Time
Settle your everyday stress and anxiety for bed with our Sleepy Time Shower Steamer. Our calming lavender scent will help ease you into a deep sleep and into a refreshed morning. Add this to your bedtime routine and kiss those sleepless nights goodbye. 

Unicorn Berries
Dazzle your shower with our Unicorn Berries Shower Steamer! Let the mystical blend of grape, peach, and plum with sparkling citrus and rose scents brighten your day. Release your inner Unicorn and immerse yourself with this luxurious formula to your personal spa day.

Mermaid Kisses
A magical experience awaits when you use our Mermaid Kisses Shower Steamer. With a tropical blend of passion fruit, blooming jasmine, sugared citrus and exotic florals, find yourself in a faraway land where anything is possible and anyone can transform into their true self. Make your ordinary shower a magical experience.

  • One tablet shower fizzy, large 3.5 oz. size 
  • Releases an energizing fragrance blend. 
  • Refreshing spa-like experience
  • One time use (or break it up for multiple uses)
  • Comes foil wrapped to protect and keep it fresh. 
  • Made in small batches for better quality!

1. Place in shower out of direct water. 
2. As the water hits the steamer it will release Scent.
3. Take it all in.
4. Relax 

Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, avocado oil, Kaolin clay, fragrance oil.