NEW! Shower Steamer Bundle

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These are crowd favorites, and now you can get more for less! Get four shower steamers for the price of three! 

So, you say you're not a bath bomb girl because you don't take baths? No problem! We are bringing the spa experience to your shower with these fabulous shower steamers! Just pop these babies at the base of your shower, let the warm water do the rest! These can also be used as a foot scrub or body scrub! Each bundle perfectly packaged in gift box with ribbon! Ready for gifting! 


  • Bundle includes 4 steamers: (1) Eucalyptus, (1) Mint, (1) Grapefruit, (1) Lavender

  • Each cube is approximately 2" square

  • To use, simply place shower steamer at the base of your shower and allow the water to trickle over the steamer. The steamer will release an aromatic scent into your shower space.

  • These steamers can also be used as foot and body scrub.