Celebrating American Independence!

Celebrating American Independence!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their day! I'm enjoying a quiet, relaxing rainy day here, which has given me a chance to write this post. Today felt like the perfect day to discuss why we have chosen to be an organization that exclusively supports independent American makers.

Making is Very American. As with the first settlers of this country, today's independent American makers seek self-reliance and freedom to create goods that fill a need for themselves and for others. Whether it is natural skincare & deodorants, sustainable blankets, or handmade soy candles, all of these goods are made with the intent to share a skill or talent and to enrich the lives of others. "Necessity is the mother of invention." I don't know who said that but I read it in a textbook in college and it never left me. Necessity, for a lot of makers, is their why – why they started making, why they started their business. For skincare makers, they may have had a personal skin condition that they wanted to heal, and they set out to make skincare that worked for their skin. Or, they started to make to simply make money. Jobs aren't easy to come by everywhere, and oftentimes, making and selling to their community and online help to provide for their families.  

American Makers Support the Global Community. Let's be clear about something. My desire as the owner of Good & Well is not to turn my back on the rest of the world. Yes, the goods we offer at Good & Well are all made in the United States, but remember, these makers are often utilizing raw goods sourced from all over the world to make their products. For instance, Maia Singletary (click her photo below to learn more) makes skincare products with shea butter as its main ingredient. She sources her shea butter from Ghana, Africa. Tamar Schechner (click her photo below to learn more about her), a jewelry maker we support, uses Liberty of London fabric, which is sourced from London. So, by supporting these American makers, we indirectly support the global economy. 

We Love Boss Ladies! Yes, we are proudly and intentionally supporting American women! Let's be crystal clear about something else: these women, these makers, with whom I partner, are no longer hobbyists. These women have turned what was once a hobby into a money-making business. They are makers, but they are also CEOs. They are business owners. They are problem solvers. They are the shot-callers. Many of them are managing staff while managing their home and families. Hello? Did you hear me? These women are making their dreams come true, while often providing opportunities for others. 

As you may be sensing, I am passionate about supporting these women who are creating beautiful American Goodness! Your purchase helps us to continue that support. 

Comment below if you have any thoughts or questions. I'd love to hear from you!

Be blessed!

- Trissa

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