About Us

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
– Unknown






Welcome to Good & Well Boutique!

Here at Good & Well, our soul is on fire for amazing American makers. We are giving high fives and chest bumps to all those who follow their heart's desire to reignite the spirit of making right here in the U.S. 

It gives us life and good vibes to hunt for and bring to you goods and wares made with love and integrity. We seek to discover brands that are kind to our bodies and to our Earth. When you shop with Good & Well Boutique, you are doing three things: 

1. You're doing a good deed for the American maker community.

2. You're supporting a good cause. We will donate a percent of profits to select non-profit organization of our choice. Find out more about our #DoGood Initiative here.

3. You're taking home some amazing american-made goodness!

Yaaasss! It feels so good to do good!


Good & Well is a mobile boutique! Yep, that's right…we are a boutique on wheels. Wrap you mind around that! We travel in true American style! Our shop is housed in a classic and sleek 1968 Airstream, and she (yes, it's a she) is aptly named, Happy! As a mobile boutique, our goal is to meet our "Do Gooders" (that's our term of endearment for our Good & Well customers) where they are.

Want to visit Happy and shop our goodness? We can be found in the Greater Houston area. However, our home base is the Northwest Harris County area of Houston (The Vintage Park area, Cypress, Spring, Tomball, etc). Hop over to our EVENTS page, to see our future events. We also announce our upcoming events about a week in advance on Facebook and Instagram. So, join us on those to platforms @goodandwellboutique.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Now, come visit us in person! We (Happy and the G&W team) would love to meet you!


– Trissa Rosette, Shop Owner