Top 3 Good & Well Goodies

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Top 3 Good & Well Goodies

A few weeks back, we participated in Old Town Spring's Springfest, a two-day event in Spring, TX, and we had the most amazing time! (Sidenote: If you're in the HTX area, and you've never been to Old Town Spring, I encourage you to check it out. It's a fun place to shop and get your grub on.)

Springfest was a smallish event, but it was the perfect event for our first time out. There weren't too many attendees, but that turned out to be a good thing. We were able to test all of our processes, and overall, everything worked well…except on the second day, my old iPad decided to take a nap. A very long nap. No joke…it just died. I had a Plan B, but, Plan B didn't work, either. Thankfully, I had a Plan C, which worked and saved my Sunday afternoon.

One of my biggest lessons learned this weekend was: Make no assumptions about which items will sell well. What I love and what really connects with you guys may be two different things, and that's okay. Big lesson for me. So, I wanted to share the Top 3 Good & Well Goodies from the Old Town Spring Springfest.

Handmade Neck Wraps
When I decided to carry to these beautiful and very functional neck wrap, I had just returned home from the hospital after surgery on my pituitary gland. Yes, brain surgery. After the surgery, in the hospital, I had the absolute worst headaches you could imagine. And, the meds hadn't kicked in or just weren't no match for my headaches. So, the nurse suggested that I use a neck wrap filled with ice. To my surprise, it really helped to relieve the pain! I couldn't believe it. Prior to this surgery, headaches were a big part of my life, and I relied heavily on pain medicine. These neck wraps are now my go-to solution for immediate relief of headache and neck/shoulder pain. At Springfest, several my customers shared their experiences with headaches and neck pain. I was thankful to carry an item that could help soothe their pain. We can't be our best self, if we are living in pain, right?. These neck wraps can we kept cold or they can be warmed in the microwave.

Handmade 100% Soy Candles
We had a customer come in and when she found these candles, I'm pretty sure she smelled each one. We have four different scents: Apple & Bourbon, Orange & Chili Spice, Blackberry & Grapefruit and Driftwood & Gooseberry. So, when this particular customer found the scent she liked, she smelled it 3 different times, and she joked and said, " Well, if you smell a candle three times, then you should probably buy it." We all laughed, but truthfully, these candles have such wonderful scents that many of our customers couldn't stop smelling them and had a tough time making a decision on which to buy. To read more about each candle scent, check out the descriptions here

Headbands with a Twist:

We try our best to choose items that we think you're going to absolutely love! If I don't love something, myself, I find it really tough to share it with you. When these headbands were delivered, I was so excited about them because I knew these headbands would resonate with you all. These headbands are adorable, and will be one of my workhorses this spring and summer. They are colorful and provides the perfect pop of color to set off an outfit. (Side note: I am doing a video series on Wearable Workhorses. Check out the first video installment on the Good & Well FB page. I'll show you 3 quick ways to wear these headbands.) These headbands offer a bit of a throw-back retro look that I just can't get enough of! We have several prints available. Check them out here.

So, there you have it – our top three sellers from the Springfest weekend! My favorite part about Springfest, really, was meeting all of you who came in. Fellowshipping with people, especially women, whether it be about the amazing smell of a candle, or discussing how a neck wrap could really help you with chronic neck pain, is the core purpose of Good & Well. We are here to share and to serve. We are itching to get back out there and meet more folks! 

Oh, one more thing…

Be a Good-Doer. We are thrilled to have started our "Do Good Giving Program." Each quarter a portion of our sales will go to a different non-profit organization supporting a cause that is dear to us. Here at Good & Well we believe that "It feels oh-so-good to do good." From now through the end of June, a portion of Good & Well sales will be donated to a local Houston community organization called Kids Lives Matter Intl. I have worked with the organization as their graphic designe, and I have also participated in several of their community outreach events. This is an organization that consistently serves the inner-city communities of Houston, specifically the children. Kids Lives Matter provides Life, Love and Leadership for children who often go under-served. The founders of Kids Lives Matter are both female educators in Houston and have dedicated their lives to education and the uplifting of children and families of Houston's public housing communities.  

When you purchase anything from Good & Well, you are in turn doing a good thing! 


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